Sheffield's Premier Day Nursery

Lodge Moor Nursery


Butterflies 18 up to 30 months


The Butterfly room is an ideal place for inquisitive toddlers to learn more about their surroundings.

Four Nursery Nurses provide exciting activities which guarantee enjoyable days.

Exploratory play such as sand, water, play-dough and craft activities are always available.

Equipment such as jigsaws and shape-sorters help with the formation of cognitive skills.

Lots of individual attention is given to the children to ensure they are reaching their milestones.

Outdoor play involves going on short walks and using trikes, prams, balls and hoops in our own play area.

Meal times are spent within the Butterfly room, allowing staff to further develop social skills.  

Rest and sleep periods are planned according to the needs of the children.  Slumber mats and cushions are available within the room.  Toddler beds are available for sleeping.


Story time and singing are a valuable part of the day


Caterpillar | Butterfly | Dragonfly | Busy Bee